Stary Desert Palazzo Pants

  • Palazzo - LA Palazzo would like to welcome you to our Los Angeles Palazzo's premium quality pants-an excellent fit for a stylish and a comfortable wear. Proudly designed, made, and serviced in the USA.
  • Advantage - LA Palazzo wants to provide the best we can for our customers. ALL of our apparels are at its lowest price guaranteed. And customer service is our number one priority- you can contact us if you have questions, concerns, or refunds/returns.
  • Performance - Because of our drive for authenticity and its premium quality, ALL of our products are made in the USA and made with rich fabric. It's stretchy, wrinkle resistant, and has a soft breezy feel which makes it perfect for a summer wear.
  • How to wear - It's easy to customize and you can wear them for any occasion or with pretty much anything.
  • Ways to wear? - 1) Trim the length or hem them as you want 2) Or leave it and complete your outfit with heels (as shown in the model picture).
  • Item info - To meet EVERY customer's standard and preference, our bottom is untrimmed for custom fit; 92% Polyester 8% Spandex; Waist: XL=30, XXL=33, XXL=35; Inseam: 34(XL), 35(XXL) 36(XXXL).
  • Enjoy your shopping!

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